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The benefits of massage are numerous and improved overall health is what client's seek. I have been working in the healthcare field since I was 16. I was an EMT for a number of years, worked in hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals/institutes and subacute and longterm care. I have worked with children to seniors to end of life care, as a Physical Therapist Assistant and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer And Licensed Massage Therapist.  With  pain or discomfort comes a poor mental and decreased overall feeling of...well feeling good. I know what it is like to have pain. With the pain comes sadness and lack of overall well being. Massage can help one regain that "feeling of good" and overtime ones overall sense of well being can improve!:)

 Massage helps decrease tight muscles, improve circulation, the benefits are numerous!

 My goal is to treat my clients like family and do the best I can to help you feel better!


 Have a great day!! :)

Call: 609-335-0912 to book your appointment.


FSA-flexible spending accounts can be used to purchase a massage. All you need is a prescription from your MD with your diagnosis or reason for treatment!! It's a great opportunity to utilize your health benefits for YOU!:)


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